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How to install windows 10 via command line?

Hello $reader, For the past couple of days, I have been trying to install Windows via the command line. It wasn't an easy journey, but I am finally able to install it successfully on my machine. Someone who wants to install Windows 10(probably the other releases as well) can follow this guide. Why would someone want to install Windows via the command line? There could be several reasons to install Windows via the command line. Some of them are like, you don't want Windows to create several partitions on your drive(this one's mine), Windows setup is throwing errors like bootloader is installed in NTFS file system change it to fat32, Windows can't be installed on this disk, etc. or you want to do some experiments with it. What are the steps to follow? First, make a bootable USB drive, then in the setup wizard choose "Repair this pc," then click on "Troubleshoot," then command prompt.  Second, make an NTFS partition, format it, assign it